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Deb Vogt Co-Program Director/Lead Teacher
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About Deb

My association with our Graphic Design and Illustration program began 35 years ago when I entered what was then  the Commercial Art program to change careers. My father was a commercial artist who did everything from package design to portraits, and my mother was a sculptor, painter, and interior designer. I had always wanted to be in the arts either as a professional French hornist or commercial artist. In addition to playing and teaching French horn, I had a small business doing portraits that began in middle school with countless portraits of the Beatles. My first profession, however, was as a registered nurse (that’s what girls did back then in Oshkosh, by gosh).

Upon receiving my commercial art degree, my first position was as a technical illustrator (a good fit, as I’ve always enjoyed learning how things work). One of my illustrations won national and international awards. In addition to illustration, I’ve also worked in design, production, and font creation. During my tenure as director of the graphics department at the same corporation where I started, we installed some of the first Macintosh computers in the Madison area that replaced typesetters and traditional tools.

I began my career at MATC teaching illustration and typography courses part-time while working full-time. Because of my unique-at-the-time experience with computer “desktop publishing” and illustration, I taught the art department’s first computer graphics course in 1987. (Compared with where we are today, the early computers and programs were pretty laughable, but they were amazing when compared with phototypesetting, wax paste-up, and technical pens.) Soon after, we added an advanced computer graphics course, then typography… and the rest, as they say, is history.

Perhaps it is because I have been using computers for so many years that I find myself drawn to “hands-on” pursuits when not teaching or doing freelance work. I’ve created 3D sculpture in clay, neon, mixed media, and found objects. I enjoy illustrating with pastels, pencil, pen and ink, linocut, and scratchboard (and, of course, the computer). I also express “art” through landscape design and construction, carpentry, and remodeling my home. I collect antiques, including inspirational graphic design and industrial design pieces (you should see my chrome toaster collection). I have a passion for art/design history and for learning new things.

No doubt my love for working “hands on” and for traditional mechanical things has been instrumental in my role as a member of a team that has envisioned and created the new center for printing arts here at Madison College. Since the spring of 2011, we’ve installed and refurbished a lab full of letterpress and screen printing equipment. Classes began in spring semester, 2012. It is a very exciting and fulfilling venture.

I’ve enjoyed serving as a program director/lead instructor for many years, as I have a penchant for “seeing the big picture.” I’ve also had the opportunity to serve as an Interim Associate Dean for the School of Business and Applied Arts twice. I am a member of Design Madison and Ladies of Letterpress, as well as one of the club advisors for the Student Creative League.

Classes taught by Deb

Introduction to Computer Graphics
Applied Computer Graphics
Typographic Design
Print and Design Production
Design Project Management
Electronic Illustration
Web Page Design
Portfolio Preparation
Principles of Letterpress: Design and Printing